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Is it necessary for a notary of faith to this type of transaction from the beginning?
Yes, it is necessary because doing this type of transaction before a notary means that things are done legally and legally.

In Legal Ivanov our expert lawyers in Real Estate Law, are present if you consider the client as they act as supervisor so that the operations or transmissions comply with the current legislation and are oriented to the benefit of your client. Without intervening unless in case of legal anomaly then they will intervene.

In an impartial manner, the notary gives a translation of the purchase or sale of the property to certify that the sale is sold by those who have to sell it and the buyer who had to buy it.

Verify that the seller has the ability and ability to do so without depending on someone else and that the buyer acquires the property. All the above is recorded in the content of the deed.

In addition, the notary, guarantees that you as a seller, you will not have problems after the sale. And to the buyer, who will not have problems with the property. We take care of a critical supervision for the interests of our clients. We advise and inform and resolve the doubts of our clients as a buyer or in which case they are the seller of the sale of the house of the clauses included in the deed and in the contract.

The notary will read the deeds as many times as necessary before signing the contract.

The buyer may interrupt as many times as he sees fit and ask for clarifications and explanations about the different points, or report lack of data or omissions.

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