LEGAL IVANOV does much more than ADVISE, INTERMEDIATE, TRANSLATE AND INFORM, you can publish your house on our online platform for free exposing your home to potential buyers, your home on the internet.

We developed a strategic marketing plan for you, sharing your home in multiple social networks and platforms of professional collaborators of the sale of real estate. We advertise your home in other digital media. We have collaborators with websites that obtain up to 60 million monthly visits to their websites. With interactive quality traffic, they have thousands of potential user followers who are likely to be future buyers or sellers. Surely they are interested in buying your house. We help you with the visits to sell your house better. We process and mediate throughout the process from the beginning until after the end. Do not worry about paperwork, taxes, certificates of all that we take care of, we are expert lawyers in Real Estate Law. We guarantee that everything is supervised and is adjusted to the laws and regulations in force. You can sleep peacefully and do not get a headache buying or selling your house.

We are professionals with more than 20 years of experience and we know how you expose a property in a web sample, in social networks, in the best portals, in our offices, in our Virtual storefront, in the street, in the neighborhood, in the city We put "in circulation" in the networks of real estate professionals to give the maximum diffusion. If your idea is advice, call us, contact us by any digital or conventional means
tel: 607408080 if you prefer a personal interview we are at your disposal what we dial the agenda you can visit our offices in Alicante or Madrid we will attend you with pleasure. Our firm specialized in real estate law works with perseverance in each case. Looking for solutions to the difficulties with effort and perseverance.

He knows what to do to sell a house. We know what you have to be persistent and teach the house again and again because the details are not seen with just one visit, teaching and how to teach it: Plans, measurements, views ... Everything helps to show your house better. Know the area like nobody. We advise because we know who can buy, who can sell, how much is paid, having in advance a professional appraisal. We know everything you need to know about real estate law.

Do not worry. If you have already decided, we accompany you and advise you on all the procedures involved in a real estate transaction. Drafting contracts, reservations, signals, .. And the inevitable visit to the notary. Where step by step we will help you formalize the purchase of your house.