With more than 20 years of experience as professionals in Law. We have been able to verify over the years that we have our own lawyer, expert in management and intermediation in the purchase, sale, rental, transfer of real estate transactions. It is a fact that with a good professional expert in Real Estate Law all the procedures related to real estate are streamlined and the client is satisfied by the forms and the steps taken. You are, obviously watching over their interests, tend to try to close hasty agreements in which the seller is pressured to accept sometimes ridiculous proposals

Legal Ivanov at all times takes charge and puts his knowledge and experience in the matter. Intermediating, advising and accompanying the client for critical supervision so that everything is done within the law and protecting our client obtaining results that benefit him most.

Our offices specialized in real estate law. Comprehensive online real estate legal services. Advice to choose your house. Specialized in advising foreign clients in the acquisition of real estate in Spain.


Our scope of work at the national level is not reduced only to intermediation in the sale, but we focus on legal and tax advice relating to these operations including negotiations, drafting the necessary contracts to manage operations successfully real estate.

We have professional collaborators as a mortgage management service, Appraiser real estate appraiser. Experts in real estate brokerage, experienced advisers.

It is important that a professional intermediates and advises so that their experience and knowledge how to accompany the client to negotiate with real estate agents or individuals from an equal position with companies with a lot of experience in real estate management.